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Design and Manufacture

Ircast Bell type gas fired furnace Ircast Rotary melting furnace Ircast Pit type annealing furnace Ircast Aluminium melting furnace Ircast Fired heater Ircast Electrical aluminium solution furnace Ircast Air heater Ircast Pit type annealing furnace

We design each furnace from the scratch complying with our client's request. This phase includes, 3D modeling, thermal design, structural, mechanical design and engineering drawings of the whole furnace and its related equipment such as burners, advanced main circulating fans, combustion fans and etc. using only the most current technology. Our experienced staff soon after the client's approval of the furnace concept, will carefully execute step by step the construction plan proposed by our planning team to maintain smooth performance, leaving the final job to on-site representatives. They will handle all aspects of installation and testing the furnace and ensure that it works flawlessly.

Employing many years of experience, Ircast has the capability of fabrication and erection of different kinds of heat processing equipments

Maintenance and renovation

We believe that a persistent performance of our products ensures our customer's satisfaction. Hence the proper maintenance of your furnace has a paramount importance for us. Whenever a repair is required, Ircast staff will be ready to take action immediately by making all the necessary measures. They will assess the situation and provide the least costly, most efficient on-site repair.

Ircast is also able to modify and renovate old furnaces with new materials in order to upgrade them to more recent technology with higher safety and energy efficiency.


An effective consultation with experts is the key to your long-term success. Ircast simply offers such service. You can count on our able metallurgical engineers equipped with many years of experience in heat treatment industry to bring the optimal solution for your business, whether it is the choice of materials for your intended production or the best method fitting your processes.

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